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Hey Parents

Some parents have the attitude that letting teens drink under their roof is “safe drinking”, but when it comes to teens, there is no safe drinking. In fact studies have proven that by allowing your teen to drink under your roof has the reverse effect. Teens who are allowed to drink at home are more likely to drink outside their home.




  • It is illegal to provide anyone, even your own child, alcohol if they are
    under the age of 21. Provide alcohol to minors and you could face fines
    and jail time.
  • You may be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by providing
    a minor with alcohol, no matter where that occurs.
  • The teen brain is developing until the age of 25 and alcohol can damage
    that developing brain.
  • Research shows that underage drinking has a series of negative
    consequences including: reduced school performance, crime, injuries,
    risky sexual situations, motor vehicle crashes, and large economic impacts.
  • 39.4% of High School drinkers reported drinking in their own home.
  • 42.9% of High school drinker reported “Someone gave it to me” as their source of alcohol.
  • 84.3% of PBC teens reported NOT drinking in the last 30 days (2018FYSAS)


  • Refuse to give anyone alcohol who is under 21.
  • Be home when your teen has friends over.
  • Be sure teens are not bringing alcohol into your home.
  • Lock up any alcohol in your home.
  • Talk to other parents. Make sure they know you do not
    support underage drinking.
  • Take the Pledge

Help us keep alcohol out of the hands of teens.


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